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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms, it is about understanding

William Paul Thurston

Welcome to Teach Yourself Maths. Having spent most of my time teaching adults, I have come to realize that 90% of students problems with the mathematics stem from fear. That is, the fear of failure, fear of feeling inferior in front of others, fear of confusion. All these negative feelings about the mathematics combine to bring the shutters down on your learning and you are no longer able to think or listen. Dear viewers, remember that there is nothing that succeeds like success. The more you find yourself getting the topics cleared, the exercises right, the more you will want to tackle the next one; and gradually, you will start really to believe that, yes, I am becoming a mathematician!

Here on this website, we are committed to the mission of imparting mathematics education to the student community from lower level to higher level. It is a one-stop teaching resource for mathematics loving people.

Specifically, our goals are:

  1. To communicate the beauty, fragrance, and excitement of mathematics through video lectures delivered by the teaching faculty having a long experience of teaching.
  2. To encourage the students not to be afraid of mathematics by developing creativity among them.
  3. To cover a detailed understanding of the subject, our major courses cover a broad set of fields like analysis, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, topology, probability, statistics, ordinary and partial differential equations, number theory and a lot more to come.
  4. To make the students able to see the connections between mathematical notions and applications and to formulate precise mathematical statements and questions and later on, finding valid means of resolving those questions.
  5. The mission of the undergraduate courses is to provide students with an understanding of mathematical thought and knowledge which in turn helps them to produce and communicate mathematics.
  6. To make the opportunities for students to become proficient in mathematics by utilizing problem-solving and critical thinking skills while developing a commitment to lifelong learning.


We hope you will feel excited after browsing our website.

Special thanks from:

Shahnawaz Ahmad Rather
P.G from Kashmir University, M. Ph, SET, Ph.D. (Under the process, at Central University Jammu).
Contact no’s. (7006446508, 9596317037).

Shabir Ahmad Dar
P.G from Kashmir University
Contact no’s. (9419958773, 7889986011, 9906482904).

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