Mr. Mohd. Altaf Parray

It is a wise saying ”A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Obviously, any person who can read your mind and heart is your best friend. You might have observed that many friends you come across will leave you half way as soon as the rough path begins. But, the ones who still hold your hands and walk that rough path with you are your best friends.
Mr. Mohammad Altaf Parray is one of my best friends who has filled all the conditions as discussed above. By profession, Mr. Mohammad Altaf Parray is a sound businessman and a humble human being as observed by me. He always listens to me, understands me, cares for me, stands for me, shares his world with me, supports me in troubles, hangs out with me.
In nutshell, I would like to conclude his friendship with a quote:

Making a million friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you“.

Best Regards
Shabir Ahmad

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